This week, we’re asking you to sum up in 140 characters or less (actually in about 122 characters or less with the hashtag we give you at the end) the essence of who you are. ‘That’s easy,’ may be your first thought. Your second thought may be, ‘Shit, who am I?’

Recently on Post-40 Bloggers, as you know, we have been talking true callings, childhood ambitions and whether we’re living the life we envisioned for ourselves. In some cases we’re not, but the life we have is just fine, thank you very much. Alternatively, some of us have days when we are looking for our real life behind the sofa along with the carpet fluff and loose change.

Were I to take the challenge, I might say:

‘Satirical mother, daughter, sister, widow, friend – touching the hem of a creative writing life, but hemmed into corporate clothes.’

Hmm, might re-visit that, but at least it’s authentic. Family and friends are important to me, so I don’t mind putting those labels in my elevator pitch. My shield against the world is satire and sarcasm (let’s call it humour for now) and there have always been two sides to me – creative and analytical. I talked recently about going back in time and actually giving more credence to my creative side, which would have given me succour on the days when corporate life was soul destroying and, well, too corporate.

Now to you. As usual, take this writing prompt where it sends you, not forgetting to shout us out if you post to it.

And if you come up with your personal elevator pitch let us know on Twitter under hashtag #40elevatorpitch. With the hashtag, you have about 122 characters (or less) to play with.

Have a good writing week.