Sunday 26th June 2016 was ‘Chocolate Pudding Day.’ (I KNOW!)

Once calm, this inevitably got me to thinking about indulgence and our weapon of choice when we’ve had a crap day (single malt and a hot shower, anyone?)

Or could it be that our attitude to indulging ourselves (or others) sheds light on our past – or our current views on what indulgence means?

Maybe for some of us, there isn’t or wasn’t the time / money / appetite for indulgences. Some of us may even have been raised in an environment where to be indulgent in any sense was to appear soft and weak-willed.

Or maybe indulgence in the sense of always giving in to certain people in our lives? “Let’s indulge them because…” [insert reason here]. But flipping that coin, could indulgence of others (and ourselves) be a mere synonym for tolerance?

How about indulgence to satisfy a need – a need that can be an empowering or destructive force?

And indulgence also necessarily throws up that word a good catholic girl like myself is very familiar with – ‘GUILT!’

But enough of my indulgent pontificating, what’s your take on the word?

Our writing prompt this week then is “Indulgence.”

Have a great writing week and hope you had a happy Chocolate Pudding Day!