Diane’s timely post captures well the feeling of peaceful but affirmative action when a group of women, men, young people and children say ‘Enough, already.’ Whatever your politics, witnessing the sound lone voices when joined together can make is inspiring. The Women’s March on Washington reverberated around the world this weekend and was just, well, wow! Ed

Millions of women (and men and children) around the world joined in the Women’s March today — Jan. 21, 2017 — in solidarity to stand up for women’s rights and to send a powerful message to recently sworn-in President Donald Trump and all other men who belittle, insult and degrade women by their attitudes, their words and their actions.

I’m blown away by each and every one of the participants and the intensity of their beliefs.

It was a joy to see Gloria Steinem, as well as other well-known and unknown women of all ages, stand up and speak out against Trump’s — and other men’s — misogyny, racism, and sexism  —  and remind us that women have untold power — and this is the time to use it to change the world for the better.

At first, I wondered what the unusual pink hats symbolized when watching videos of the marches, then looked it up.

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