Prime facie, this post by Janet may seem like one for the women, but men the world over also have opinions on what they essentially consider to be a ‘classy lady.’ This is against the backdrop of memes depicting the Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, and Melania Trump.

Is this an outdated term and one impossible to measure as it is highly subjective? Alternatively, are there certain standards not to be crossed if one does not want to be considered, er, vulgar and ergo not a lady? ‘Common’ and ‘vulgar’ were terms I heard my elders bandy around when I was growing up… as they warned me of the dire consequences to my own person of being less than circumspect.

Food for thought, eh? In the meantime, have a read of Janet’s post before taking out your own measuring stick to quantify your own standards… or beat someone around the head with. Ed

Lately there have been a lot of memes portraying Michelle Obama and Melania Trump. Among the many questions raised, along with personal style, charitable activity, physical grace, and styles of dress, is this: Which one is a true lady? If I remember correctly, one specific meme asked about “showing skin” vs. “class.”)

Since this is a problem of definition and I am a former English major, I felt compelled to jump right in. Here are some definitions I’ve heard for the term “lady.”

[For instance:]

“A lady is never unintentionally vulgar.”

My friend Doreen said this, though she was paraphrasing Lillian Day, who said, “A lady is one who never shows her underwear unintentionally.” (The gender-flipped equivalent of this is Oscar Wilde’s “A gentleman is one who never hurts anyone’s feelings unintentionally.” I have also been informed that there is a version that goes “A gentleman is one who, when he pisses in the sink, removes the dishes first.”)

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