Post-40 Bloggers Unsigned’ is the safe place on our site when a member wants to publish anonymously.

Even the most feisty and fearless among us (publish and be damned and all that), sometimes have a full heart with a story that we must tell..but can’t tell.

Writing for a lot of us is a cathartic exercise, but sometimes the stories we want to set down are not always our stories in entirety, although they may impact upon our lives.

Or it could be we have news we are bursting to share for happy reasons, but which have to remain under wraps or embargoed…but the words are frothing up through our fingers, itching to lay testament to them.

All laudable reasons for either blogging entirely anonymously, or sometimes just needing a safe place to be anonymous to protect the innocent…or guilty.

It was Lara, who blogs over at Life and Love in London, who first recognised the need for a safe, anonymous space on Post-40 Bloggers. Here are some of Lara’s personal reasons for sometimes needing a post to go ‘unsigned.’ Ed

In 2013, when my marriage to my second husband was breaking down I wrote A LOT.

I found it very cathartic because at the time I had no one I could talk to. Of course I couldn’t publish it on my blog, everyone knew who I was. My family and friends all read it.

I set up an anonymous blog and wrote some posts there instead. I wasn’t looking for validation of how I was feeling. Rather it would have been good if someone out there had said “Yes, that’s me, that’s my life too.”

This is something that came up in conversation at the recent Post-40 Bloggers editorial meeting. I was talking about how some things that happen in my life are a “cause and effect” of the people around me. People whose stories it’s not my right to tell but which have an impact on my life. My life is what I write about, but sometimes I just can’t because the back story is not my story.

My father has dementia but I find it difficult to express completely how I feel because my family read my blog. I’m sure others feel like that – the father with Alzheimer’s; the child determined to go off the rails; the job you don’t like; the friend who’s let you down; the wife with cancer; the mother you don’t get on with.

Post-40 Bloggers Unsigned is a place you can write that post without fear of upsetting anyone you care about.

The submission page can be found here whenever you need that safe place.

Lara | Post-40 Bloggers Unsigned