Our featured post this week comes from yours truly. There have been recent events in my life which have felt fated – and not in the good way. A series of unfortunate events which has seen me railing at The Universe. But is it The Universe? Are we not ultimately the master of our own fate? Discuss. Ed

There are two kinds of people:

1) those who believe everything happens for a reason; and
2) those who stare very hard at people who believe everything happens for a reason.

I straddled both groups recently.

Days before guests were due to arrive at my apartment, it started with a simple question from my son who was home on an impromptu visit:

”Mum, is there a reason the hot water is running lukewarm?”

”Oh, dear,” I said. “Let me see if I can figure out what the problem is so my guests don’t have to contend with lukewarm water.”

Apparently, this is a loose translation of what I actually said:

”GOD DAMN IT! Really? The bloody thing has gone wrong again? Why me, God? WHY ME, FOR FECK’S SAKE?”

You say tomater.

The boiler people would only commit to coming out a worrying few days before my guests were due to arrive, and no amount of pleading, simpering or threatening could change that.

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