Suzanne’s post jumped out of the submission email line because of its honesty and vulnerability. Who of us hasn’t felt we may be too old for some of our younger pursuits as we watch the younger, hipper crowd? Of course, we rally and realise our worth, but sometimes we need to let the insecurities all hang out before stuffing them back into our waistbands. To go boldly forth to show just what we do have to offer – stories which cannot be replicated or told any better than those of us who’ve been there. Enjoy this great piece of writing from Suzanne. Ed

At 46½ I am officially feeling old. Of course, I continue scouring Top Shop for the latest fashion trends and watching Gilmore Girls on repeat, but we all know the truth: I’m much nearer 50 than 40 and the dreaded ‘M’ word is creeping ever closer.

You’ve heard ad infinitum about my midlife crisis; more specifically, whether I’m ‘too old for a leather jacket‘ (someone actually came across my blog after typing that into Google the other day *proud face*). In short, I have never taken myself too seriously where age is concerned. Until now.

My latest age crisis is in relation to this blog. You see I’m doing that thing again, where I question what someone my age has to offer, feeling increasingly insignificant and crowded out by the younger, cooler set who seem to be saturating the market.

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