One of the joys (and pain) of being older is that we know stuff. From our first scraped knee to our devastated heart at a first romantic break-up. We know these things will pass, as scraped bits and battered hearts are wont to do over time. We hurt, we learnt, we moved on to run and love again.

On a more prosaic level, we also know a lot of ‘stuff’ about well, stuff. For instance, here’s three of my favourite household tips (adopt at own risk):

1) Using shampoo to clean the bath is not only effective, but less danger that bleach will end up where bleach shouldn’t end up when we next use the tub.

2) The shower cleaner which says ‘no rinse’ is actually blindingly good when used and wiped off immediately. I have not found a better solution to shining mirrors in the apartment.

3) Would you love to have your favourite perfume waft around your house or apartment, but the thing was, er, a little too damned expensive to use as air freshener? Fill a bowl or cup with hot water, add a little of your perfume to it. Hours of smelliriferous joy for little outlay. (Incidentally, this is also a good way of truly finding out what a perfume will end up smelling like. The first sniff in the store is designed to sell product and, by the time you get to the heart of the perfume, you may absolutely hate it. I actually stopped a woman once buying Miller Harris’ L’air de Rien made for Jane Birkin. Not because I don’t think it’s a lovely (if unusual) fragrance, but because the woman buying it was being misled by the top notes… and the sales assistant.

This week’s writing prompt, then, is about stuff you know. As always, do tap us on the social media shoulder if you write to this or any of our writing prompts. We are very good at promoting the work of our demographic across all the main social media channels. And this I do know… for sure.

Writing prompt No. 126 – What do you know?

Happy writing! My best, Mel