Twitter – you disappoint me. I thought you were better than this. I thought you led the way in providing an up to the minute timeline with a random blend of people conversing.

I know that it’s been difficult lately, what with spam threatening to take over the timeline with link dumps, adverts poorly disguised as Tweets and the brain farts of celebs who should know better than show their ignorance in public.

But we could have worked it out. It could still  have been what it was meant to be. Sharing succinctly and snooping on the lives of others revealed in tantalising 140 character chunks.

Sad to see Twitter has followed Facebook on the dubious road of becoming Big Brother deciding what it is we want to read.

With the tweaking of the site’s algorithm this week we will have to scroll past tweets Twitter thinks we might be most interested in to get to the actual timeline in chronological order.

Twitter appears proud of this move. Product Marketing Manager Eric Farkas is quoted as saying they have created the new timeline:

”to help people see Tweets that are important to them – from their favourite athletes, musicians, politicians or brands.”

I read that to mean it’s open season for anyone wanting to promote their stuff. Yes I am aware of the conflict of interest. Bloggers want to promote their stuff, and their clients too.

But how will the author of a little specialist blog providing a vital lifeline for a minority readership cope when pitted against a huge global brand?

Will their Tweets, fitted in around family life, or other commitments be lost amongst professionals who are paid to lurk on social media?

Will we end up with even more scheduled Tweets as small business owners and bloggers desperately try to be heard above the big boys?

I am constantly irritated by Facebook deciding what I want to see, and often feel it’s not worth the effort of posting as often no one see’s my posts unless I urge people to comment.

I hope that Twitter realises that their users might well turn away if it proves impossible to enjoy an online conversation because generally those celebs, athletes, brands and politicians don’t chat back.


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