Travellers everywhere are asking themselves where to go in 2017? Luckily, there’s no lack of suggestions: there are “top 10” lists everywhere. But one of the most high-profile lists comes from Lonely Planet, the authoritative travel guide publisher.

Lonely Planet’s recommendations circle the globe, touching some countries that are household names and others that aren’t even in the neighbourhood. In some cases the attraction is an event scheduled for 2017; in others, new developments that have made the country a better place to visit. And in one or two cases, LP says it’s time to see the country before modernisation changes it forever.

I’ve been to Lonely Planet’s top five countries, so I can add a little insight into what they’re like. As for the other five, they venture into some fairly rugged territory. So if they’re a bridge too far for you, I have some baby boomer-friendly suggestions for alternative places to put on your 2017 list.

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