This week’s writing prompt was inspired by Tattooed Mummy. In her post (The Secret to a Long and Happy Marriage), she talks about, yes you guessed it, the secret to a long and happy marriage. (She and her husband have clocked up 30 years.) The post is funny, poignant and true. All relationships take work and, being the age we are, we know just how much work that involves. Mostly, though, as Tattooed Mummy rightly says, it takes compromise.

I remember being counselled once by someone way wiser than me about Bronnie’s bad habit of putting cups of hot coffee on antique furniture or wooden window sills. I’d leave the thing there, getting angrier and angrier, waiting for him to come home so I could confront him (again) on the subject.

The wise one asked me what I wanted more. Did I want undamaged window sills and furniture – or did I want a fight? He said if it was undamaged furniture, I would have picked up the offending item myself and moved on. Jeez, don’t you know truth when you hear it?

The other secret Bronnie and I had to our relationship was that we genuinely enjoyed each other’s company. Whilst we have great friends and family and enjoy going away with them, Bronnie and I could take off for days and not see anyone and be perfectly content. Oh, and separate bathrooms if you can manage it would be another one of my tips.

What are your secrets to a fulfilling relationship? Tell us in our newest writing prompt:

The secret(s) to a happy relationship

And don’t forget to read Tattooed Mummy’s inspiring post on the subject.

Have a great writing week.