Whether a review is positive or negative, a balanced and eloquent review whets the appetite. Here from the Blazing Minds stable of gold ribbon reviews is #post40blogger @KarenNWoodham on the Burt Reynolds’ movie, ‘The Last Movie Star.’ And if this is your first time visiting the Blazing Minds review site, you are in for a treat this Monday morning. Ed

Many, many years ago I went to see Burt Reynolds in Hooper and I loved the movie that played on him playing an ageing stuntman, now 40 years later (damn I feel old now), he is back playing The Last Movie Star, which sees him as a washed-up movie star that is asked to an awards ceremony in a small town that is being ran by his enduring fans.

Burt Reynolds (Smokey and the Bandit, Boogie Nights) plays the movie legend, Vic Edwards, his long career has made Vic a hard drinking, long in the tooth star whose glory days are far behind him. But now that his movie career is coming to its end, he is approached by the Nashville film festival to receive a Lifetime Achievement award, Vic’s first thought is to decline the offer.

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