Maria’s post resonated since it is a philosophy my late husband and I adopted many years ago when the children were very young. Ugly story short, one Christmas the children had so many gifts that months later we found a black bag full of ‘stuff’ they had not even missed. It felt a little obscene. From that moment on, we reverted to one Christmas present per child and we started to do things instead of buy things. The children are now young adults and would struggle to list some of the gifts they received as children, but they remember in crystal clear detail all the big and small adventures we have had – and continue to have. Again, then, Maria’s eloquent post on filling our lives with experiences and adventure and not things really jumps off the page. Happy adventuring. Ed

This article is exploring why you should fill your life with adventures not things. Experiences are said to be key in the pursuit of happiness. Whereas material things clutter up your home and leave your memory fast.

Happiness is an indicator of health and money can make you happier. But once you’ve met your basic needs that high you feel emotionally is limited. In striving for happiness we tend to want to buy a physical thing because it will last longer than an experience. But the assumption that it would therefore make us happier for longer is wrong. New objects are exciting at first, but then we adapt to them and they blend into our background.

Why do we keep making this mistake?

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