We sometimes feature bloggers and writers who are not yet 40, because the message is compelling and relevant to our demographic. This is one such feature from Emma of Crazy with Twins.

Recently, I have come across many people and bloggers in our demographic who are saying “Surely, there is more to this life. More than just working, sleeping, and squeezing in whatever quality time can be managed – and then getting up the next day to do the thing all over again.” 

Even those of us who do not work in that oh so conventional term are looking for ways to add richness and meaning to life. To change life up.

The realisation hits that, for many of us, there are more years behind us than ahead – and even those years are not guaranteed. This is something we tragically witnessed in the passing of our dear friend and blogger extraordinaire, Kate Sutton.

But oftentimes tragedy and adversity brings illumination as it did for Emma who, despite being scared, changed it all up – including making a career change.

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I'm Emma, an ambitious and stubborn 31 year old writer, working, hospitality graduate, engaged to a wonderful man, mum to three amazing little girls and one baby boy. I'm a twice cancer survivor (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia and Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma) and survivor of the very deadly HELLP Syndrome, all of which are things I try to raise awareness of on this blog. I aim to use this blog to tell the funny, beautiful and unsightly truth of being crazy with twins - it began with my twin pregnancy and will continue through raising twins and a singleton, as well as my current pregnancy. There are also posts on this blog about being a stepmum and many posts written whilst my ex husband and I were still together. I am brutally honest, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I bare all my scars and my heartaches on this blog. It is a journey of tears, sarcasm, rants and giggles!