Cooking outside as the sunsets is a great summer treat.  As the evenings are still light and the remaining heat of the day lingers, catch the last of the sun with those you love over a glass of something cold.

Fish cooked in newspaper

This unusual way of cooking fish causes a stir but you can be rest assured knowing that no bits of fish will get lost in the coals or gets stuck on the grill ruining the overall look of the dish.

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Elinor Hill
From late spring well through into Autumn you will often find Elinor with her family and friends enjoying good company, delicious food and the odd cocktail or two at her beach hut at Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex. Her beloved hut is only a short walk from their house and the base for her food-inspired writing, much of which she captures in her blog. When the hut has to be packed away to hibernate through the winter months, Elinor continues to cook on woody walks or outside at home on the fire pit as inspiration for her freelance food and lifestyle writing. Elinor’s recipe development work is never without willing testers as her husband and their two teenage sons are always hungry.