What we do

The Post40Bloggers’ website features and showcases the quality work of the 40+ blogger or writer.

Selection criteria

At Post40Bloggers HQ, we don’t care how many followers you have or don’t have; what your ‘influence’ or Klout score is; how many brands you work with or if your Facebook page is, well, off the page. The only requirement is to be aged 40 or over with a desire to have your blog or work perused for quality posts for potential inclusion on a growing community website championing the post-40 voice.

What to expect when we feature your work

So, what can you expect when signing up your blog or website to Post40Bloggers and then having one of your posts chosen to feature on the Post40Bloggers’ website? Okay, here goes. Some of these guidelines are Google driven best practice and others just the way we do things in these ‘ere parts:

  1. Again, your post or article will have been picked because it is, in our opinion, a stellar piece of content. That’s it.
  2. We excerpt approximately 150 words if the post is content driven. Where a member writes an original post or article for the Post40Bloggers’ website, it is published in its entirety with full accreditation back to you, the member. (An original post or article is work not already published on the internet or on a member’s website except in excerpt form and which links back to the original post on Post40Bloggers.)
  3. A prominent, unambiguous link is added to the end of the post excerpt for the reader to finish the post on your blog or website. Your website and Twitter profile links are also added to the post.
  4. A profile picture and a short bio (usually excerpted from your website or social media presence) are added to the post. You may submit your own bio for consideration or ask that an existing bio be amended.
  5. The title of your post will nearly always differ on the Post40Bloggers website from the original post on your site. This helps negate two posts competing for Google’s SEO attention.
  6. We use our own licensed images (except where your personally owned image is intrinsic to a post).
  7. We reserve the right to edit featured work (without changing meaning) for clarity or word count. Where we feel more substantial edits would serve a post well, we sometimes offer editing advice as a condition of publication on Post40Bloggers.
  8. There is no queuing system. A member’s work is featured with other publication considerations in mind. Eg: season, relevance, breaking news, or just a blow-us-down sterling piece of content we would be mad not to feature. Once a post is submitted, the submission form will flag up the message “Your message was successfully sent. Thank you.” This is your only notification that we received your post safely. Who needs more email, right?
  9. Expect some promotion of your post once published on Post40Bloggers, but which takes place at the discretion of Post40Bloggers. There is currently no direct financial reward from Post40Bloggers for appearing on the website.
  10. You of course own the copyright in your postings, articles and images, granting Post40Bloggers license to feature such work. See our Terms & Conditions for full details.
  11. Due to the amount of submissions we receive, we normally only make contact regarding a submission if we need further information or clarification.
  12. Submitting a post to Post40Bloggers does not guarantee publication.

As always, do get in touch with any questions or queries.

In the meantime, thank you for your support (and great work) of what is shaping up to be a superb collective of 40+ bloggers and writers.

The Editorial Team