Annie, from the stunning Mammasaurus blog, has just turned 40 (yippee! Welcome, Annie!) and has written a post that is so relevant to this site on many levels. Slow Parenting is as touching as it is important, sharing how tough it is sometimes to strike the balance between living in the moment with our families and sharing it online. But she’s also showing us, through her usual beautiful candour, that our blogs and blogging life can grow with us, if we allow them to….. Siobhan, Parenting Ed

I’m been reflecting a lot of late. Turning 40 last week brought an influx of emotional analysation with it. It’s hardly an epiphany but I’m not the only one getting old round here. A spate of fallen out baby teeth, trousers that once needed turning up three times now hanging above the ankle means one thing – my children are growing up and I’m not entirely comfortable with it. Not because I don’t want to want them blossom and grow, but because I am constantly feel that I’m pre-occupied and missing on just spending time with them doing ‘stuff’.

It seems I’ve been so busy thinking about ‘slow blogging’ and how cool the concept of ‘slow living’ is that I’ve totally missed the blatant simplicity of ‘slow parenting’.

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