This week we’d like you to write about a dish or recipe that is close to your heart.

For instance, butter, sugar and flour being creamed together never fails to transport me back to my mother’s kitchen, with the promise of licking the batter from the bowl when she wasn’t looking. Of course, there was also the simple but delicious yellow cake to look forward to later in the day.

I’m not a massive cake eater, but someone who knows how to make a moist and soft yellow cake has a road straight to my heart. In a world of baking extravaganza, it is a difficult thing to find done well.

A more recent memory, was my son coming home for a couple of days “just because.” A baking enthusiast, he made sugar cookies and gingerbread men. The latter was a specialty of his late father and transported me back to our then farm kitchen when my now strapping young son was no taller than the kitchen sink. #Sigh.

Over to you. This week’s writing prompt:

A dish or recipe that is close to your heart.

Have a great writing week.