As usual I have reminded my kids that I would appreciate a card from each of them – a token of appreciation for the things I do. Sometimes I have received gifts and flowers and I’ve even been made breakfast in bed, but honestly a card, shop bought or homemade, will suffice – especially if accompanied by minimal sibling arguing throughout the day.

Last Mothering Sunday when no card from Edward was forthcoming and the day was nearing its close, I naturally assumed he had completely forgotten.

When I asked him if this was the case, he replied with mild annoyance, “No!, Mother’s Day hasn’t finished yet, has it!”

Fair enough!

At around 9.00pm I was presented with a home-made card which I think must have taken all of 3 minutes to make. On the front he’d written ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ and underneath were a series of mathematical equations presented in a spiral.

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