Post-40 Bloggers re-launches Instagram account – with a difference

What does a post-40 blogger look like and where do they blog or write? Well, pucker up, people, because our new and improved Post-40 Bloggers Instagram account is all about answering those questions.

Those of us in this special gene pool know most of us aged 40 or over are not knitting socks curled up in corners stroking our pussies. (And absolutely nothing wrong with that, thank you very much, before anyone thinks about throwing a petrol bomb through HQ windows.)

This is our opportunity, though, to show our demographic in all its diverse glory on one of the world’s most influential social media platforms. Another platform on which to showcase and promote the 40+ talent out there and connect with other bloggers and writers in the same demographic… and outside of it.

Fancy joining our Instagram hall of fame? Here’s what to do:

1. Register your blog on the Post-40 Bloggers website.

2. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ – not only because we’re super awesome, but we need a quick way to DM or contact you if we have questions. We also promote our members’ work across all our social networks.

3. Send us a colour, high quality, high resolution photograph of yourself. (Optional: send two photographs if you can. This saves us getting back to you if one of the photos won’t play nice for whatever reason.) We suggest a minimum size* of 1200 px by 1200 px. We can crop your photo if it is not square, so you’re able to leave that heavy lifting and other minor edits to us. As it is a portrait series, our preference is for a head and shoulders shot or other good close-up. Try and keep photos as native as possible – no going mad with Photoshop – this makes it easier for us to recover lost detail or better enhance a photo with small edits.

* (Note: if a smaller size photograph is sent than that recommended and cannot be used because of pixelation issues, we will ask if you have another size available or another photograph in a larger resolution. This is not a commentary on the subject in the photograph!)

4. Craft a short bio, 50-70 words max, written in the third person and include the following: (Your blog name, URL and Instagram username isn’t included in allowed word count.)

  • Name of your blog
  • URL of your blog
  • Instagram username (if you have one)
  • Twitter username (if you have one) – used to let you know when your photo goes live
  • Your location in the world (can be very specific, or just the country you reside in)

Here’s a sample of a bio we liked. By all means include achievements, but we want Post-40 Blogger bios to be human. People will tend to click through to your individual Instagram profile or blog not because you won a shiny thing, but because you sound interesting!

Post40Bloggers Instagram sample - Siobhan Calthrop

5. Send photo(s) and bio to and entitle your email (without the quotation marks) ‘P40B Instagram Photo – Your Name.

As elsewhere, please follow and support the post-40 bloggers we post to our Instagram account. Also check back regularly on your photo to answer any comments or questions from readers.

*Where we have a current member’s high-res photo, we may feature you in our Instagram gallery of talented bloggers and writers aged 40+ without your intervention. However, feel free to contact us to amend or remove.

*Publication not guaranteed.

In the meantime, here’s some photos we prepared earlier kicking off our new and improved Instagram presence.

Before submitting, don’t forget to register your blog, and follow or like us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ as we also promote our members’ work across all our social networks.

In the meantime, say cheese…