It sounds a bit silly, doesn’t it, not wanting to reveal your age. It seems to show a ridiculous level of vanity, or insecurity.

But age is a much more serious issue in the workplace, where sexism and ageism appear to be rife. (I say appear to be because it’s a long time since I was in a workplace so I can’t speak from experience). Older women – whatever that means, over 50? – who are employed feel less respected and fear being nudged out. And I know from the experience of 50something friends that it’s extremely hard to get a job, any job, at that stage of life.

When I shared a post on my Work from Home Wisdom Facebook page about entrepreneurs over 50, a reader commented, ‘In my area of expertise (marketing/copywriting) I wouldn’t even consider applying for a job in an agency, for example. They wouldn’t imagine that I could be ‘hip’ enough to understand the zeitgeist.’

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