I’m not going to disclose the actual date, but at some point this year I shall be celebrating a ‘big’ birthday.

In the good old days, I’d have received a bus pass and pension, but in these modern times we’re expected to live (and work) forever, so I’ll get neither. Even so, the stigma of turning sixty somehow remains. Why I don’t really know.

I feel it’s too easy to talk yourself into not only feeling, but also behaving, ‘old’. Why? I’m not going to change dramatically overnight, not going to become someone who only listens to music from my youth, or watches comfy TV repeats from the same era.

On the other hand, I think that we all, no matter our age, have a tendency to settle into routines and familiar patterns, from favourite comfort food to the programmes we watch on TV, the music we listen to, even the way we dress.

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