There was a brilliant thread on Twitter toward the end of last year by the excellent Cassandra Khaw (@casskhaw) where she posed the question, “for everyone who is worried they’re out of time, can those of you who kicked ass post 30 please raise a hand?” It got 2006 retweets, 9480 likes and over 2000 replies.

It seems a lot of us are filled with anxiety that “we have missed our time.” I know I was.

I remember in my early thirties I’d just got rejected again by an agent for the young adult book I was working on. I’d edited it to her requirements, done a rework and she still wasn’t on board. What I should’ve done, was asked her why, begged her for more feedback, done another draft and carried on, carried on, carried on. Instead, I felt like a massive failure and told myself it was too late. Something along the lines of, “If it hasn’t happened now, then I should give up.”

And so I did.

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