When younger, I never wore red lipstick. It made me feel too ‘out there’, too noticeable. For a young woman who was desperate to fit in, I ironically spent a lot of time trying to be invisible. That changed. Now when I want to feel confident and, yes, ‘out there’ I wear my red lipstick loud and proud. I never had the notion of comparing it to a vagina, though. When Catherine did, she got a mixed response. Take it away, Catherine. Ed

A couple of weeks ago I received a magazine in the mail, and on the front cover was a lovely image of a model’s face. The only problem was she was wearing a bright red lipstick. Now I love the true colour of red, I should, I’m a redhead, but when it comes to red lipstick, I absolutely abhor it. Generally I do not like lipstick, I don’t enjoy the feel of it, or the fact lipstick never, ever says on, and the worst is the impression it tends to leave on glassware when you are having a drink!

So when I saw this model wearing red lipstick, it led to a conversation with my husband. His response about the lipstick was ‘it’s like you are wearing a vagina on your face, and something to the effect that he prefers a vagina to be down there’.

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