I am leaving 2017 feeling more accomplished than I have done for many years since my husband’s death. Now, I am truly willing to embrace the woman my husband married. That woman was brave, possibly stupid on occasions, and said yes to things more often than she said no. Things didn’t always work out, but at the very least made a cracking dinner party story. With that in mind, Janet’s post resonated. Even without our particular set of circumstances, let’s face it… we ain’t getting any younger, and all those things we always planned to do? Well, the time is now and, yes, even if that ‘thing’ is incredibly brave – or maybe even a little stupid. Thank you, Janet, a great post with which to enter 2018. Ed

Sometimes it’s little things. Spending $12 to enter a writing contest. Did I just waste $12? Do I have a chance of beating 230 other people to win the prize? 220 people to make it into the money? How can I stand it until the first cut is announced? Is the piece I submitted even close to what they were looking for?

But I did it. I paid my $12 and entered the contest. Stupid (possibly) and brave.

I was told I needed to have a medical treatment that terrified me. Did I really want someone to try something so drastic on me? What if all I got were side effects? What if I got no effects? What if I didn’t get myself back the way I used to be? Should I believe all the negatives I’d heard about it? Should I believe the positives?

I agreed to have it. Stupid (possibly) and brave.

Once upon a time I told someone that I loved him.

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