In the week when young Prince George became a brother, this lovely reflective post by Daisy about sibling rivalry seemed perfect timing. No doubt most of you reading this have experienced some element of sibling angst, so you’ll no doubt be encouraged by the little anecdote she shares about the deep fondness that exists despite the daily disputes. Siobhan, Family Life Editor

Sibling love. What a strange phenomenon this is, especially as it is often manifested as sibling rivalry!

But, when you really consider it, why should you love this person with whom you are forced to live throughout your childhood, when you have had absolutely no say in their existence nor have ‘chosen’ to spend your formative years with them? I have not yet met a family of two or more children that doesn’t experience some aspects of jealousy, competition or fighting. Honestly, my two can bicker for England some days – and this is a rivalry which can start even before the birth of the second child.

It’s frustrating, it’s stressful, it’s distressing, and it’s generally hard to know how to stop it or even how involved you should get, as a parent.

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