Britain has 5 million adults who lack functional literacy and numeracy, and 11 million without basic digital skills. This holds back social inclusion, individual opportunity and economic prosperity.

Current approaches, based primarily on qualifications, have not supported people in the best way possible. NIACE’s Citizens’ Curriculum developed to tackle this, is a programme of study approach that provides support tailored to the needs of individuals, in ways co-designed by them.

During the first phase, more than 160 learners participated, in settings from prisons, to homelessness services and Local Authorities, of whom:

  • 87% experienced an increase in their self-esteem
  • 59% felt more positive about numeracy
  • 48% felt more positive about literacy
  • 92% felt more motivated to progress to other learning
  • 53% felt more motivated to look for work

Today sees the launch of phase two pilots, which have either returned to build on the work they did last year, or are new pilots testing the approach in different contexts and with other groups of learners.

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