I did a thing last year about how every other day is International Day of the something or other? The cat maybe, or the landmine, or the wombat, or the potato that looks like someone from Jersey Shore.

Well, today is the International Day of the Girl. It’s the day where we all should ‘highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face.’

It struck me that I know a girl or two, a few on Twitter, a few on Facebook, and even a few in real life! (I know, no-one’s more surprised than me.) But when it comes down to it there’s only one girl that I feel qualified to really talk about… my own daughter.

This is her, her name’s Dorla and she’s beautiful isn’t she?

I guess I should write this pretty fast as she’s not going to be a girl for much longer (No, don’t worry she’s not dying, this isn’t the X-Factor.) It’s just that a week today… she becomes A WOMAN!

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