I was drawn to this post remembering well the pressures put on me, my siblings and friends to always “do well” at school. And when the parents, teachers and Government weren’t pestering us, we were beating ourselves up for the smallest slip in grades. Was it ever thus, or is the pressure today even more heightened? This post will make you think about “the norm” for the child we gave birth to, rather than the model child often strived for. The model child who may have enhanced mental problems due to the pressure. Sarah’s post will resonate with many of us. Ed

I always say that my younger son is a perfectionist with his art homework. We know that even the simplest ideas will take him hours. And he always makes things even more complicated for himself by mounting everything on an extra piece of card, which has been very carefully measured and cut. He definitely needs speed up or he will have no time to spend on the rest of his GCSEs.

When it comes to the rest of his GCSEs, he does what he needs to do. He’s a very bright boy and things come very easily to him, so he actually doesn’t need to put that much time in. He’s not as bad as his brother, who has spent almost his entire school career doing far less than normal, but my son is in danger of becoming a bit of a slacker.

But do you know what the good thing about slackers is? They are far less susceptible to mental health problems brought on by the pressures of school and exams.

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