‘Grace & Frankie’ is one of my favourite TV shows. I’ve binge watched every season in one or two sittings. Programmes featuring feisty, clever and interesting women over the age of fifty is rare. Treat yourself and watch these two doyennes of comedy working together in this intelligent show. Meanwhile, here they are on the subject of aging without fear. Ed

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are the kind of ladies who lunch while talking frankly about bionic body parts and joint diseases. At least that’s the case today.

“I have a fake hip, a fake knee,” Fonda says. “I’ve got so much metal in my back. I have a fake thumb. I have osteoarthritis.”

I have osteoarthritis and these joints poke out,” Tomlin adds, flexing her hands to demonstrate. “My hands are just ruined. I used to have lovely, graceful hands and now they’re kind of like a kielbasa.”

“They work, though,” Fonda reminds her.

“They work — exactly, exactly,” Tomlin nods in agreement.

Sitting side-by-side at a Hollywood hotel restaurant before the recent holidays, the long-time friends — all too familiar with how pervasive ageism is in the entertainment industry, particularly for women — are deep in conversation about the privilege of not having to slow down.

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