This week’s writing prompt is:


The word will conjure up people, places and situations which are different for all of us, but I would be surprised if any of us could not recount a situation or day when that word rushed up our body and turned our face red.

Here’s one from my life:

Cycling to the next town, a BT van ran me into a ditch. In limping back to my bike, bruised and a little shocked, I looked up and noticed the offending person and his van had parked a little way ahead, nonchalantly getting on with the business of his day.

I went back to the business of cleaning myself up and getting out of the ditch.

Waiting for my husband to come rescue me, I looked up and the BT van approached. As he drove past me – his window open – I let out a stream of invectives. I called that man every bad word I knew – and some I didn’t. And very, very loudly.

But the BT van, instead of driving past (with or without middle finger in the air), stopped and backed up towards me slowly, and as he drew up alongside I saw immediately it was not the same driver who had run me off the road earlier. It was a different BT man and a different BT van.

Aside from verbally attacking a stranger in public, I was also deeply embarrassed at my behaviour – behaviour my mother definitely would not have liked.

Now it’s your turn.

As always, take the writing prompt in any direction your muse wants to go, and do tweet us and let us know if you write it.

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Have a happy writing week.