This week’s writing prompt is about inner conflict.

Are you wrestling with a problem, for instance, that has a solution, but you’re reluctant to take it? Maybe you don’t have the answers, but to go to anyone for advice is to become exposed, vulnerable or potentially all hell let loose on your arse. There are, of course, those taboo and risky conflicts we are too ashamed to admit even to ourselves – that child we know we don’t love enough, or that extra-marital or illicit affair we’re ‘only flirting’ with. There are also those times we are conflicted when there is no risk or third party involved, but we just can’t seem to step over the line to act or change.

The list goes on.

As always, take this writing prompt where you will, and if you need to write anonymously, don’t forget we have our Unsigned page where you are guaranteed anonymity.

Have a great writing week.