In the scorching temperatures currently being experienced here in the UK, this evergreen article came to my attention just in time. Whilst most of us long for hot sunny days, it does play havoc with the professional wardrobe when that thermometer needle hits blazing heights. Go too far and we risk losing the perception of our professional edge; not far enough (or less enough) we risk looking like formally dressed boiled beetroots. Where is that line, especially for the older job seeker? Read on. Ed

With temperatures blazing and end-of-summer sales in full force, it’s an ideal time to talk about how older job seekers and employees can look their best despite the heat and humidity.

Appearance is an important piece of your professional brand – just as much as a well-crafted resumé or a polished LinkedIn profile.

Although I run a career-coaching business now, my first job in HR was with Saks Fifth Avenue, where I learned to appreciate the transformational power of clothes. As John Molloy, author of the bestseller Dress for Success, wrote: “The way we dress has a remarkable impact on the people we meet professionally or socially and greatly (sometimes crucially) affects how they treat us.”

But looking crisp and professional on hot summer days is easier said than done, especially for those of us over 50.

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