I have been an empty-nester for a while now, and guaranteed holidays with my children is a thing of the past. Certainly, we try to find at least a week away as a family every year, but organising a cohesive plan for Brexit is easier than when we all try to “do diaries.” That said, we do prioritise this time together and diaries do eventually mesh. But that first time our children’s lives, relationships, jobs and other commitments keep them from us is another reminder we are now parenting adults. But with that comes great freedoms and a return to who we used to be as people. This is beautifully articulated by Nickie as a cause for great celebration. Olé! Ed

Now that I am edging slowly towards fifty, I wonder how I would feel once I am on the other side. When I look back, I feel life has been good and kind. My kids are now 19, 25 and 27, and I am no longer in my thirties. Life is certainly changing as the numbers grow in our age.

However, I have not allowed it to change my desires and zest for life. I know that my children will not always be there with me as they move on in their own lives. My nest would be empty, but I plan to fill the big empty with wonderful possibilities. I am going to celebrate my life and make a new beginning all over again.

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