Christmas is on us next week and with it come friends and family in close captivity. And as well as the love and camaraderie walking in the air, there is sometimes the unsaid and unforgiven bubbling beneath the surface; grudges we ought to move on from, but hang onto – every damn year.

I remember cooking a splendid festive gratin dish one Christmas and waited for the diners to come into the dining room and sit down so I could show off same. An uncle came to the table first and started to carve the thing up with a big metal spoon slopping portions onto plates as though in an army mess hall. I was livid and still am (obvs). But, you know, to some people food is just food; nourishment that doesn’t need to be applauded. (That’s me trying to be balanced and reasonable.)

And at our Post-40 Bloggers’ team meet-up last weekend, we had a hilarious time discussing those things we are still holding onto decades later. My hands are around the neck of a primary school teacher who thought my drawing of a fish made with red wavy lines wasn’t taking the assignment seriously! When I refused to make another drawing, I was put in the corner. (I KNOW!)

There are my admissions then of things I’m hanging onto and shouldn’t (#Petty). What are yours? Let us know in this week’s writing prompt:

Holding grudges

Have a great writing week.