We all have hang-ups. Mine is unfairness, the origins of which are lodged in my childhood. There was the time it was suspected a teacher had taken a piece of my artwork (known but unproven); the time I won 100 marbles fair and square from a neighbour and were forced to give them back by my mother after the child complained to her own mother; the time I drew a red wiggly fish in class and the teacher made me stand in the corner for not taking the creative assignment seriously enough. And the time I wasn’t given the grade I had worked hard for. (Actually, that last one was more recent.)

Like I said, unfairness gets me *right there* and the thing that can make me cry to this day. I was reminded of that this weekend by a rail company and is the subject of my latest post over on my personal blog, What Mel Did, entitled (All the Fun of the Fare).

My hang-up has inspired this week’s Post-40 Bloggers’ writing prompt:


What gets you *right there?*

Happy writing.