If you succumb to one of those social media chain things (‘Tell us five things your mother might be thinking watching you eat’, for instance) at least make it different or funny. The Chimping Dandy is very different and very funny. Ed

You will no doubt, at one time, have been the victim of one of those chain message things.

Normally, I would run away from such shenanigans with such speed as would emasculate a ferret, but my friend, and fellow celebrity blogger Tattooed Mummy has ‘nominated’ me to answer some questions about myself, and since I once used one of her nipples for something for which it was not originally designed, I feel that I somehow ‘Owe her one’.

It’s all very festive.

(Hey girlie, if you’re reading this, we’re even now. Actually, come to think of it, you still owe me for that whole ‘thing’ with the 99p Store.)

Here are the questions that she asked, and my answers.

It’s all very festive.

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