Switzerland – Chapatte

Chappatte is a Lebanese-Swiss cartoonist who draws for the International New York Times and has taken a suitably lofty perspective in this cartoon. It is one of my favourites – concise, well composed and straight to the point. Leave Europe and Scotland leaves the UK. I wouldn’t blame them. Chappatte’s elegant, crosshatched style is polite but trenchant, a perfect political cartoon.

Lithuania –Rytis Daukantas

A suitable cartoon to represent Lithuania’s leading cartoonist, who also happens to be a qualified architect. Here he is on home ground drawing the gleaming parliament building in Strasbourg and speculating on where the exit might be. Like a fetid belch from toad-faced Farage, “Brexit” is as ugly as the concept it encapsulates, followed closely by “Grexit” and “Spexit”. But “Portugexit” takes this linguistic mashup to a whole new level. “Lithuexit,” anyone?

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