This week’s writing prompt is ‘Epiphanies.’

As always, our writing prompts are yours to take in any direction you wish. For instance, I recently had an epiphany where I realised I had lost a lot of my childhood zeal. This realisation came when I decided to join a campaign trail (aimed primarily at children) to find fifty 4ft hare sculptures in the “fine city” of Norwich. More of that, er, here.

More seriously, and sadly, there are sudden epiphanies seemingly out of nowhere where you just know your partner is having an affair. Arguably, if we accept there are no real surprises in life, that the clues are always there, this realisation could stem from clues buried deep in your self-conscious. Clues you may have chosen to ignore until now.

There are also “aha” moments like realising you cannot get to the end of your life hating who you are or the way you look. This epiphany came late to me when I realised this shit just had to stop. We are enough and good enough – more than good enough. That was the day I threw away my bathroom scales.

We all know when we are eating well and feeling fitting and lighter – we don’t need some arbitrary number on a scale to eat away at our self-esteem. A lover of measuring progress, I attest to the fact you can still meet fitness goals without the soul-destroying stepping on the scales ritual. (Sorry Weight Watchers.)

Or the simplest of all epiphanies that someone somewhere loves us. Yes, that can include pets!

Epiphanies are as many as they are varied. Be they epiphanies about age, jobs, relationships, family, friends, self-esteem, health, travel, past happenings… whatever. We would love to see where you take this writing prompt, so do shout out on social media if you write to it.

In the meantime, have a wonderful writing week.