At any time of the day or night, someone somewhere is pouring out his or her thoughts about wine on a blog. And they can respond to events in the wine world faster than any kind of print media possibly could. You can keep tabs on dozens of wine blogs through Wine Blog Watch ( Although most are rambling and full of monotonous recitations of “wines I’ve tasted,” a few stand out for their quality and timeliness. The ones mentioned here represent the best of the wine blogs and a variety of perspectives—from obsessive amateur to full-fledged wine pro.

The Wine Importer

Joe Dressner is part-owner of Louis/Dressner Selections, an American wine importer specializing in small producers, mostly French wines from highly regarded names like Bernard Baudry and Didier Barrouillet. When he’s not traveling the world on business, he publishes one of the least pretentious blogs on the Web.

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