This question of a true calling, the purpose upon which we were put on this earth is one that has gnawed at me in some form or other. And on the days (years) I thought this itch to know my calling had passed, or at least quieted itself for the moment, the question would emerge in other ways.

For instance, I posted this on Instagram after a long illness, an illness which made me yearn to have a life more packed with people and endeavour where I feel most like myself, when I am my happiest. It was posted almost on auto-pilot, as though my subconscious was (again) urging me to keep pursuing the question.

I have been confused in my calling over the years as I have the fortune or misfortune of an analytical mind and a creative soul. The former has served me well in job roles and led me down some outwardly successful paths. Yet each achievement still didn’t fill a space I couldn’t quite define or even knew needed filling under the weight of other forms of success.

Albeit my creative side had been demoted to ‘hobbyist,’ I was at least nurturing all aspects of myself – wasn’t I? It was not until I lately reversed the positioning of my two sides on the greasy pole, did I begin to feel more fulfilled.

I will always endeavour to do a good job with the skills I have been given, but it is more important to me now to shake off that mantle the minute I leave the office and pursue a life of writing and creativity. This is when I am my happiest and feel most like myself. Not a self massaged to please corporate caprices. Moreover, it is the succour of my creative side which gives me the fuel and sustenance to cope with the other.

Ginny’s post speaks eloquently to the pursuit of calling and helping others discover the truth of themselves in her post ‘Sting & Soothe: what’s your 2017 calling.’

And since we would also love to hear and share your stories on the subject, let’s make this our first writing prompt of 2017:

‘My true calling.’

But first to Ginny’s post. Ed

On Being’s Krista Tippett asked:

What is your vocation, your sense of callings as a human being at this point in your life, both in and beyond job and title? Practice internalizing a more spacious, generous sense of what animates you and why you are here (e.g. as a human being, partner, child, neighbor, friend, citizen, maker, yogi, volunteer, as well as a professional). Honor the creative value of “how” you are present as much as in “what” you are doing in the everyday at work and in the world. #yourtruecalling

As I began to settle more deeply into the folds of this prompt, I immediately knew I needed two things: a dictionary to define vocation, and my ear-marked, heavily underlined copy of Parker J. Palmer’s Let Your Life Speak: Listening for the Voice of Vocation.

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