Anikka Burton was just 17 when her mother died from breast cancer.

Devastated by her loss, she became increasingly worried that she was at risk too. She decided she wasn’t going to wait to find out, and asked her doctor for a mammogram; she’d even made up her mind to have a preventative double mastectomy, if it meant keeping safe.

But her concerns were brushed off. You’re too young to worry about that, she was told. Come back when you’re in your 40’s. She was 33 when she noticed her left breast was swollen. Nervous, she made a doctor’s appointment. She was immediately referred to a specialist at a breast clinic, and was very relieved to be told it was just an infection.

But the antibiotics failed to clear it up, so she returned to the specialist. She was reassured, again, that nothing was wrong, and sent home with a stronger prescription.

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