My mum always held the prospect of going to university as some sort of holy grail and I spent most of my early twenties trying to persuade her that she should go herself – broaden her horizons and extend a learning about an interest she had. But to no avail. Cath counteracts with an article that suggests that people are wasting money on wasted degrees. *Sigh* Niki, Education Editor

This headline annoyed me too. I was just about to write my own post about it, but Cath says what I’d want to say anyway – and far more eloquently! Tim, Adult Education Editor

The Independent has a headline concerning British graduates spending absurd sums of money on “unused degrees.”

This headline annoyed me instantaneously. Why? Because it made the clear assumption that the only “use” of a degree was in employment. God forbid any of us should actually gain something from learning if it doesn’t lead to more dosh and a promising career. What sort of state are we in when a decent broadsheet values education solely as a means to a career?

OK, let’s forget my obviously archaic notions of the pursuit of knowledge for its own sake. Let’s look at degrees and employment.

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