It can be tricky to determine when one guy’s sharing is another guy’s oversharing. In my world for instance, even one picture of a cute cat doing anything (cute or otherwise) is oversharing many times over. But we do seem to live in an age now where good times, bad times, a baby coming through your wife’s vagina isn’t deemed to have happened unless it has been posted on social media. Are there some things that should indeed be kept private – no private, not tweaked in privacy settings to only show a select group of people. Would you (have you?) live stream a child’s birth? Although I would have had nothing to fear live streaming the birth of my first child as it mainly involved watching my husband trying to tune in CNN on the hospital TV. Here’s the inimitable Spencer’s musings on the matter. Ed

Did you hear the one about the man who live streamed his child’s birth on Facebook?

Some people will do anything for their 10 minutes of fame, and I’m sure we blogging types are guilty of a little oversharing at times, but did this guy go too far?

Fakamalo Kilhe Eiki obviously has a very understanding wife, because I don’t know of anyone who’d ever agree to this, no matter what his point was. And he had one. As the backlash hit, Eiki defended his decision by questioning others need to criticise his decision to show “the gift of life.” “If you do not like, tune out?” “I aired it live because people would rather talk about Donald Trumps hair than the blessings in life… get real people… lol.”

Now, in the interests of research, I’ve watched the recording of the stream and… well. It ain’t the most exciting example of The Gift of Life.

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