So tell us, if you were the master of the blogging universe, how would you design the perfect blogging conference? Do you attend, or think of attending, these conferences for the sense of community or to learn everything there is to learn about our fine art? When you come away from a blogging conference elated or dispirited, what factors contributed to that feeling? Do celebrity speakers ‘do it’ for you, or would you rather listen to a range of grassroots bloggers (some of whom may just happen to be celebrities) – from the most inexperienced to blogging royalty?

Here at HQ, we quite like the idea of a writing/blogging retreat. Maybe even run the event in pyjamas. (Not even joking. Indeed, we even have the title all ready. Wait for it…‘Blogging in Pyjamas.’ You may of course be different, but many of us are at our most relaxed in trackies or PJs. Those most relaxed in their birthday suits will probably need a different kind of retreat.)

So, somewhere to meet, relax, kick back and talk about how to get what we want from our blogging/writing in a safe, un-pressurised environment. This could even mean a small, intimate affair of, say, 40 bloggers at our retreat events. Hmm, nice.

But that’s just us…

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Er, and not that we would….but it takes a lot of everything to run any sort of event – and nigh impossible to please even some of the people some of the time – so please no gratuitous bashing of other blogging events. But like we said, not that any of us would in this very adult, very articulate and very grown up community. (Hey, who threw that?)