The conference season is upon us. It’s all very nice to go along to see the sights, but one of the best things you can do is to make friends, who in turn become followers. Just like I did with Mel at BritMums last year! Here we have Emma who does it the photographer’s way, through Instagram. But I’m sure you can still glean a few other tips along the way. Alice, Blogging Ed

Just 2 years ago at blog conferences, you would hand out your blogger cards and stay in touch with people you met using email. Not any more.

Networking at blog conferences in 2015 means 1 thing: Instagram. (And by ‘networking’, I don’t mean pushing your blog on everyone you meet. I mean starting conversations and using social media to carry them on long after the conference has finished.)

Photography is the key to finding these new friends amongst the hundreds of strangers who are striding confidently through the conference looking like they have all the friends they need, more followers than they know what to do with, and are on their way to drink champagne with the keynote speaker. Here’s the secret – it’s all for show, and every single blogger in that room would be delighted to meet another person just like them to chat to.

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