Alice Elliott

Alice Elliott is a Digital Marketer whose award winning Fairy Blog Mother blog provides simply explained, jargon-free, highly visual WordPress training for beginner and post-beginner bloggers, specialising in the older blogger. Her e-courses consist of before-and-after screen-shots that make no assumption of prior knowledge, constructively beginning at Blogging Level 0 to ensure a good foundational training. She is well known for her ability to “explain things really simply”, relating her teaching to each learner according to their lifestyle and ability. Having the chance to network with bloggers around my own age is a breath of fresh air. Now I don’t have to worry whether they understand what I’m going on about, nor will I feel like an old fogie for saying the wrong thing! Also, since I focus on teaching bloggers of a more mature age how to blog, which requires a more patient, step-by-step approach, here is a safe and secure environment to showcase tasters of what I offer, readily accepted by the perfect target market for my style of e-courses.