My husband, Bronnie, was a New England American, and before moving to the country we lived in my native London for many years. A whiskey connoisseur, he taught me to like this previously avoided spirit and spoilt me forever for a good glass. The ‘Old Fashioned’ cocktail pictured is a favourite tipple. Here Jen features 10 bars every American should visit in London. I see Bronnie and I missed a couple! Ed

In every world-class city across the globe you can find great places to have a drink. What makes going out in London special is the particular style of drinking. You can lift a glass in a room of bedecked in period lavender cornicing or in a historic music hall that references several eras of its history all at once. For Americans, these drinking hotspots showcase the grand buildings, the hidden societies, the plummy style and the London’s buzz that captivates us Yanks about the city’s particular history and glamour.

Here, the places I recommend every American (as well as other visitors) should go for a drink in London. Don’t think of it as mere “drinking”. Think of it as cultural and historical research.

  1. The Blue Bar, The Berkeley Hotel, Knightsbridge

Best for: Dress-up cocktails

Sultry, sophisticated and, yes, blue, this bar designed by the David Collins (who also designed The Wolseley) oozes savoir faire of the British variety.

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