Recently, I was chatting to fellow copywriter Kevin Mills (@bravenewmalden) about finding new business. The London agencies are Kevin’s main source, but increasingly his age counts against him. (He’s north of 50.)

A glance through Kevin’s portfolio reveals that most of his clients are household names. What’s more, his work has brought him a shelf-full of awards. (Like, Cannes awards. Not ‘Norfolk stationery marketer of the year’ – which will be mine before I retire.)

‘The most explicit ageism I encountered was when a digital agency asked me to work on the tone of voice for a high-end car brand,’ Kevin told me. ‘As they explained on the phone, they wanted to make it younger, less “golf club”. I was up for that – but when we met in person, their attitude suddenly changed. Obviously, they put me firmly in the “golf” category, so it didn’t go any further.’

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