I became aware of Pokémon GO when a blogger I follow on Facebook cussed out those whining and moaning about grown men and women playing this ‘live’ game which takes place outside. (It’s the same game you know and love, where you sit your butt on the sofa with a family bag of Salt & Vinegar and play on a mobile device, except you hunt the little critters in the great outdoors.) Yes, it gets more people and kids in the fresh air walking (not necessarily away from screens) and can be a lot of fun. I played with my teenager last Sunday. Not so much fun, admittedly, when doing the walk to work in a rush and people are stopping dead without warning in front of you in pursuit of their all-time targets.

And the epidemic of people looking at screens while out in public isn’t going to be improved by the game either. (I also predict more advertising being placed on pavements since we’re all looking down at screens most of the time. I also predict an office memo since some colleagues at work were Pokémon GO-ing in the lifts last week!) So, as you’ve already guessed, even if you don’t know the game, there are fans and detractors. Here our favourite Mad Mum looks for the positives. Ed

I am sick and tired of people whining about Pokémon GO. Why not just put up a big sign saying “No Having Fun At All Ever” and be done with it? OK so you think it’s pointless. Actually to an extent I do too but everyone is entitled to their own life.

My children love the game. If you still don’t know what it is (have you been living in a cave?) read my post about how it works and some of the potential pitfalls, especially for younger children.

One of my offspring plays with his friends. They are all in their 20’s. Don’t judge them. It’s harmless fun and I would rather they were out walking and chatting than propping up a bar somewhere. In fact at the last count my son had walked almost 50 kilometres hunting Pokémon. Impressive!

Anyway, during one of their late night hunts/walks he and his friends spotted a glow inside a wine bar in our local High Street.

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